Ongoing treatments of chronic pelvic pain caused by the use of mesh include physical therapy, opioid pain medications, Gabapentin, for weakness, numbness and chronic pain from nerve damage, antidepressants, muscle relaxers including Baclofen and Valium suppositories, Botox to the pelvic floor and Ketamine suppositories or ointments.

“The treatment for centralized pain is nerve blocks and ketamine from vaginal suppositories. Those patients also have pain from muscle spasms and it creates a positive feedback loop. They have pain that causes muscle spasm, which causes more pain. So you need to break that positive feedback loop. You do that with Botox. You try to relax the muscles. And when patients start understanding that there’s no magic treatment that it takes time and years of work from them, then they start to understand that they will get better.” – Michael Hibner, M.D. – Pelvic Pain Specialist