Interviewer: You have a unique perspective in terms of handling this mesh-related problem because you’re dealing with the pelvic floor, and that’s really what you do.
Interviewer: Well my unique perspective also comes from the fact that I’m a urogynecologist. I’m not only a gynecologist, but I’m a urogynecologist. So initially during my fellowship at Mayo Clinic I was actually trained in treatment of incontinence and prolapse. Now I do not treat incontinence and prolapse right now; I treat the complications of treatment of incontinence and prolapse.
Interviewer: So your main position is education, training and teaching on salary?
Interviewer: Education, training, teaching and treating patients, yes
Interviewer: I also see that you recently got awarded the National Faculty Award of Excellence in residency teaching
Interviewer: Yes. That’s a CREOG award. That stands for Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology. I have been awarded this for teaching our residents.
Interviewer: Very good.