Vaginal Mesh Side Effects

Interviewer: Tell us how the mesh can contract and in itself pull tissues that could cause compression. Is that a mechanism of injury? Interviewer: Yeah, so mesh does not necessarily have to go through the nerve. I think if it's in a close proximity on the nerve it puts [...]

Transvaginal Mesh Treatments

Interviewer: Tell us about the erosions. What is that? Where does it occur? Interviewer: So erosion of – so the transvaginal mesh is placed immediately under the epithelium of the vagina, which is that outermost layer of the vagina. And normally that layer is closed over the mesh; it's [...]

Transvaginal Mesh Side Effects

Interviewer: The mesh, what is it used for and when did doctors begin using it? Interviewer: So the transvaginal mesh is used for treatment of either urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse in women. historically general surgeons have been using mesh for treatment of different hernias anywhere else in [...]

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Interviewer: You have a unique perspective in terms of handling this mesh-related problem because you're dealing with the pelvic floor, and that's really what you do. Interviewer: Well my unique perspective also comes from the fact that I'm a urogynecologist. I'm not only a gynecologist, but I'm a urogynecologist. [...]

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