Joanne has serious complications from transvaginal mesh. Life Care Planning and an experienced legal team can help. “

Complications from mesh can lead to long term suffering and disability. Damage to tissues and nerves can be difficult to repair, and surgical mesh removal may not relieve the pain. Joanne, a 49 year old woman with a history of prolapsed uterus symptoms who received transvaginal surgical mesh for bladder prolapse and uterine prolapse, is suffering more after the surgical mesh was placed, than she was before her surgery. The FDA states:

Information on Surgical Mesh for Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence
“In some cases, erosion of the mesh and scarring of the vagina led to discomfort and pain, including pain during sexual intercourse…Other complications included injuries to nearby organs such as the bowel and bladder, or blood vessels.”

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Joanne lost her job and health insurance one year after her prolapse repair surgery, because she was no longer able to sit for 8 hours a day. Severe vaginal burning, cramping and shooting pains, caused by damage to her pudendal nerve from the transvaginal mesh, and from mesh erosion through the vaginal wall, became intolerable. Desperate to have the mesh removed she began to search for an attorney.

Huge Numbers
“The majority of women who have filed product liability lawsuits against mesh makers claim permanent and debilitating injury including nerve damage, chronic pain and an inability to resume work or sexual activities.”

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Around 50,000 women have already filed lawsuits against a variety of mesh manufacturers involving the following mesh products: Elevate, Apogee, Perigee, Pinnacle, Uphold, Avaulta, Pelvisoft BioMesh, Pelvilace, Pelvitex, Pelivicol Acellular Collagen Matrix, Ascend Anterior, Ascend Posterior, Gynecare Prolift, Gynecare Prosima, Gynecare TVT, ObTape.
In a Bard mesh lawsuit, Christine Scott, an avid runner, was awarded $5.5 million after requiring 8 surgeries to address complications from the implanted surgical mesh. Donna Cisson was recently awarded a $2 million transvaginal lawsuit settlement for similar complications.

How Do I Find the Right Surgical Mesh Attorney?
“An attorney’s knowledge and experience achieving successful outcomes for these types of cases, positive client referrals, and the ability to provide a free consultation or case evaluation are among the most important to consider for those with product liability or mesh sling personal injury claims.”

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A mesh lawsuit attorney can assist a woman suffering from prolapse surgery complications and surgical mesh problems. Mesh complications resulting from bladder prolapse surgery, rectal prolapse surgery, and uterine prolapse surgery can have a debilitating effect on a woman’s quality of life. Negligence of transvaginal mesh manufacturers means women may have legal recourse even though they signed a consent for the surgery.

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