Thousands of reported injuries sustained by women who have had a transvaginal mesh surgical implant have prompted a widespread alert about the medical product. A number of patients have purportedly experienced serious health complications that require multiple surgeries or leave them with long-term suffering. Among the most commonly reported health issues that have surfaced for some patients in as early as a few weeks following the procedure include chronic pelvic area pain, chronic vaginal discharge, pelvic bleeding, incontinence, and more.

Patients that have been injured by an implanted surgical mesh may have valid cause to take legal action against manufacturers and others liable for what they have endured. Whether one has accrued excessive medical bills for related corrective treatment or rehabilitation requirements or endured physical or emotional pain and suffering as a result, the law is on the side of patients who have been injured by the negligence or wrongful actions of mesh makers.

There are vaginal mesh lawyers available who can help women that have had to deal with serious complications after being injured by a transvaginal mesh. An attorney who specializes in this area of personal injury practice typically has the knowledge and experience to help ensure that clients are provided the fairest amount of compensation possible for their case, including costs for current and future medical needs.

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