The 2011 FDA transvaginal mesh implant alert has prompted personal injury attorneys across the country to respond to the call of consumer advocacy groups and others to help protect the interests of consumers. There is now a vast selection of transvaginal surgical mesh lawyers for those who have been injured by the medical device to choose from to get help with a related claim; however, for some, finding the right surgical mesh attorney for their specific needs may prove challenging. For those seeking a transvaginal mesh lawyer who will be the right match for their case, the following are factors individuals should take into consideration prior to making their choice:

  • How experienced is an attorney in this area of practice?
  • How knowledgeable is an attorney about transvaginal mesh alerts?
  • Are there client testimonials available from those who have received representation from the attorney?
  • Will an attorney provide me with a free consultation or case evaluation?

An attorney’s knowledge and experience achieving successful outcomes for these types of cases, positive client referrals, and the ability to provide a free consultation or case evaluation are among the most important to consider for those with product liability or mesh sling personal injury claims. Researching an attorney to see if they match one’s outlined criteria can be helpful in understanding whether a prospective choice for a lawyer or firm is the right one for their overall legal needs.

Vaginal Mesh Lawyers & attorneys of Greg Vigna MD, JD, PLC are available to help those who have been injured due to a mesh or sling implant and are seeking assistance from an attorney who focuses on this area of practice. Individuals may contact Greg Vigna MD, JD, PLC today to inquire about how our tools and resources may be of assistance for your unique needs or type of inquiry.

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