Transvaginal mesh mass tort lawsuits are projected to increase as more and more women who have been injured by the use of the mesh implant bring forth related claims. Mass tort lawsuits can help deter manufacturers from engaging in further negligence or wrongdoing if they are found to have caused widespread harm or put consumers at risk with the production and distribution of substandard medical products. In a mass tort lawsuit, similarly injured parties join together to share in the expenses and discovery to reduce the costs to a level that allows consumers to take on huge companies with deep pockets. Members can receive compensation based on their individual injury.

Thousands of injuries from transvaginal mesh surgical implants have been reported on behalf of female sufferers who were harmed by this treatment alternative for stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse conditions. Among the most commonly reported side effects are:

  • Implant erosion
  • Infection
  • Chronic pelvic area pain
  • Complications from mesh shrinkage
  • Complications from mesh movement
  • Vaginal scarring
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Incontinence
  • And other serious complications

Individuals who have been injured by a mesh or sling implant may benefit by taking legal action to be compensated for damages they have incurred. The law is on the side of personal injury victims who have suffered due to the negligence or misconduct of those liable for causing them harm. In transvaginal mesh cases where offending products have been subject to the FDA alerts, manufacturers of these defective medical devices may be responsible for providing restitution to sufferers by compensating them for medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and other damages.

Greg Vigna MD, JD, PLC provides information for those with questions about their legal rights in the event that they have been injured by a mesh implant. Individuals may contact Greg Vigna MD, JD, PLC today for more information about how we may be able to provide help for a related personal injury claim.

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