Mesh implants have been linked to a number of serious physical complications for women who have had them surgically implanted. The mesh or sling is used in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse conditions or stress incontinence. The implant provides support for weakened pelvic muscles that may be due to a range of causes including childbirth, pregnancy, or a hysterectomy.

Although the success rate for transvaginal surgical mesh implants was expected to be high when these medical devices were introduced in the 1990s, there have been numerous reports of the implants causing serious health problems for women who have since had them implanted. Among the most commonly reported transvaginal mesh complications are implant erosion, pain, inability to sit, pain with sexual intercourse, pudendal nerve damage, obturator nerve damage, vaginismus, neuralgia, and other problems.

Treatment for serious problems linked to the mesh may include pelvic physical therapy, surgery or other options that patients must undergo in an effort to reverse these undue complications. Women who are injured as a result of having a mesh implant may be able to recover compensation for medical care, rehabilitation, and other damages they may incur as a result of having the surgery.

Greg Vigna MD, JD, PLC is available to help those with questions regarding their right to legal compensation from those who may be responsible for what they have had to endure. Women in these circumstances may also be left with questions about what steps should be taken to ensure that fair compensation can be obtained.

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