Transvaginal mesh treatments are administered to help women who may be suffering from conditions such as stress incontinence, pelvic prolapse, or bladder prolapse. A transvaginal mesh is a surgical mesh similar to a piece of woven fabric that is used to create an implantable mechanism for the purpose of reinforcing the vaginal wall or reversing or controlling pelvic conditions.

Several things may cause stress incontinence or insufficient pelvic floor muscle strength for women including pregnancy and childbirth. Some women who suffer from this condition may be helped by non-surgical methods such as exercise and changes to their lifestyle, but a number of sufferers have symptoms that hinder their quality of life and require more invasive methods, such as surgery.

Following the introduction of the mesh or sling for medical use, it was expected to work in an overwhelming majority of cases for women dealing with serious stress incontinence, but has since been linked to a number of health complications for those who elect to have the surgical implant.

Women who have had a transvaginal mesh implanted to repair weakened pelvic floor muscles may have a valid cause for legal action to recover damages if the implant has caused additional health complications such as pelvic pain, pelvic bleeding, or other serious problems.

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